simblering said: Hey berry I hope I'm not bothering you asdfghhgf I was wondering what you do for your sims screencaps? I've seen other tutorials but I really like your caps.


Hi lovely. Lately I’ve just been using the Holy Colors Batman action from bitsandpixelbobs. Sometimes a little lighting effect with my Photo Impact art program.

e--xorcism said: Hi! I looked through your FAQ and I don't think you have this but I'd just like to know what Sims 2 extensions you're using (if you're using any) ? Thank you so much! :)


I have the Ultimate collection. All Ep and Sp.

Anonymous said: Thank you for the help:) my sister is twelve tomorrow and this is my present since I have ts2:) So thanks

Very welcome dear. Tell her Happy Birthday from me!

Anonymous said: Berry, I have ts2 uc and the sims 3 with almost all eps and one sp and I want to uninstall ts3 since I will give it to my little sister:) and if I uninstall them will ts2 also get uninstalled? And if I also uninstall ts2 uc can I install in my other computer?

No they are seperate games. They will not uninstall simultaneously. You can download it to what ever computer you like if you are logged into your origin account.

Anonymous said: is your book available in stores or only online?

Right now, just online, but you can order in store at Barnes n Noble.

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bravetherainsims said: Hi berry! I remember you saying something like "time to move them into a fresh new save" for the ITF family. How did you do that? Because my legacy save currently crashed a lot :/ thanks!

Here you go!

Anonymous said: BERRRRRY!! I am so excited! I've been a sims fan since the beginning but never owned any until I started getting sims 3, I have all but one, and now I own the entire collection of sims 2 and can not be more excited. No one I know understands my excitement so I thought I'd share with you!!! Gahghhhh YAAAAAY!

Awww yay that’s so cool! Have fun dear!

Anonymous said: it seems even you are effected by Nil's curse, Berry! you're trapped in a web of never ending love for Lacelot and everytime you write a new story you trap us to! soon the entire world will be effected by nils curse!

You are so right! She really has done a number on all of us, not just them.

Anonymous said: So based off Nil's revenge, are those that were affected by the curse way back when completely there but kinda dornant? Like even before her "amnesia", did she act the way she did half out of motherly concern and half out of Nil's own antagonistic feelings towards Clarette? Just something I've been mulling over.

Yes all those touch by the curse are around. The curse had an odd effect on them.

Anonymous said: so is the theme for tranquil and Decembers kids rabbits? and does bunny have the nose?

Yes and Bunny has teh nose!