Anonymous said: I know that you're busy, but I had a suggestion for your tragic project. I was thinking that Sherlock Holmes and Irene Adler (book or TV show form) were a sad couple who could never be together in their original stories. Just a suggestion for your consideration. Thank you!

ooo good idea! I’ll try my best to get those two in.

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Anonymous said: I'm getting Sims 4 a little after the release so I'm going to have to stay of tumblr till I get it. I wanna experience the game first hand before I see everyone else play. Make sense?

I totally understand. I’ve been the same with gameplay videos. I haven’t watched much. I want to be surprised.

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Anonymous said: I'm deleting all of my Sims 3 and reinstalling to try and stop the laggy. I deleted all the cc I had so this is my last option. If this doesn't work I just won't play anymore. Have you ever had to do that?

Sims 3 is a mess. It gets slower and slower and yeah it’s getting harder to enjoy it. I hope it works for you. Nothing more annoying than wanting to play only to see sims standing around doing nothing…

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naty-15503 said: Did you make your own theme? If you didn't where did you get it?

Well a friend found the theme but she worked her magic to make it what it is now.

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qxeenicole said: Do you have a youtube?


I do yeah… berrypie27 it’s almost all machinima but there are also three episodes of Let’s Play. It just wasn’t for me.

kendamesims said: What is your book about?


Taken right from the press release~

Enter the world of Berry Sweets where oddly colorful folk much like yourself reside, leading ordinary, sometimes extraordinary lives. And in the busy little town of Sugar Valley, the Chiffon family seems to be leading a sugary sweet life.

All Cherry Blossom Chiffon ever wanted was to feel part of the family. Growing up with pink-and-white brothers, sisters, and parents, purple Cherry is constantly reminded of how different she is from the rest of the pink-and-white perfection of her family. Despite being constantly tormented by her sisters and big brother since she was small, Cherry knows deep in her heart that someday she will find her place.

ameowls said: Hello! I would very much like to receive your book, but as I understand it, there is no way to deliver it to Russia? :( Or do you not know that?


I’m sorry sweetie. As I stated before the only methods I am aware of are listed on the post.

sim-start said: hi this may sound like a stupid question but I was wondering on how you keep track of many different sim households at once? Do you just jump between households let one do its thing for a bit then go back to another household?


I dont really keep track of other households. :x in fact I only see them when I invite people over for parties. Im really really bad. If there is anyone I want to keep tabs on, I add them them to the household Master Controller “add sim” untill I’m ready to send them on their way.

fabulousmustachesonapolarbear said: Everytime I see Merlot and Lace I picture my boyfriend and I :3


Awww that is just the sweetest!

remmichan said: Bunny and Moonlight kinda remind me of Princess Bubblegum and Marceline from Adventure Time. ^^


Lol that’s who they are cosplaying, but yay! Thank you, guess I did all right dressing them XD