Anonymous said: WHAT IF YOUR BOOK BECAME A MOVIE?!?!!!?

That would be amazeballs!

Anonymous said: How many books do you plan to have? All of the gens? So 9 books because Lacey shares with Cherry?

That is the plan if all goes well.

Anonymous said: is the book the first of every generation ? If so,why didn't you start with Lacey?

Because in a way it is both Lacey and Cherry’s book. Only we see it through Cherry Blossom’s perspective.

Anonymous said: What's sdcc? Sorry I couldn't find it

SDCC is San Diego Comic Con!

Anonymous said: what are some of your favorite rainbowcies around here?? you've gotten me obsessed and now i just have to read more! i was hoping you could point me in the direction of some talented friends of yours :)

Ah goodness! Well let me see. I think this would be the best list I could put together. Give you a great place to start browsing.

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I cant make replies from this blog for some weird reasons.. it looks like that because I took the shot during a full moon. And the lighting makes it red.

Anonymous said: Could you post a picture of your games settings?


Anonymous said: is the sims 2 ultimate collection every expansion pack?

Every EP and SP

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Anonymous said: How did you get Cyber Pinot Noir, to have heterochromia eyes? One pink and one orange?

I didn’t dear. It’s just the shadow on his glasses that makes it look that way. They are both orange, like January.

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Anonymous said: Riley and Sophia had twin boys! I'll be doing a photo shoot with them soon if you'd like to see them.

Aww yay! I would love to!

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