Anonymous asked: Can you link Sweetheary's toddler hair please?

I think that is like the only hair that is not sjoko/plumb-bombs lol


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Anonymous asked: Have you ever listened to the song I wish by one direction? It reminds me of lacelot;___;

I did just now. Awww T.T

Anonymous asked: A few quick ins and outs of asexuality, people who are asexual are not always aromantic, meaning while they do not feel sexual attraction to a person they do feel romantic attraction and can be heteroromantic, homoromantic etc Asexual people can certainly choose to have sex but it always is just *meh* to them. There is a lot more info on asexuality. org

Awesome! Thank you! I’ll be sure to go and check that out!

Anonymous asked: Do you have a link to all the watch me grows?


That should work. If not just add
/tagged/watch me grow

to the end of my url… im on my phone.

Anonymous asked: Have you made any new poses lately?

Not that I’ve shared lately. I’m always making them lol. Just feels like everything I try to make lately is crap and I end up scrapping it.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know any way to make the pictures if you dont have photoshop?

You will need some sort of editing program.

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Anonymous asked: Can you do a tutorial on how to do the watch me grow pictures?

I’m afraid not. I’m not patient with tutorials… there are some saints around here that are but I am not one of them.

I just take 5 photos and edit them together. Not much to it really.

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Anonymous asked: How come January can see Starberry?

There’s magic in that Pinot Noir blood~

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Anonymous asked: THats it ALL of the Pinot Nior s just have to have freckles *obama "it's law" gif* FRECKLES AAAAH

hahah well no one has freckles except Lemmy so I don’t see that happening, but im sure there will be some more down the line ┬án.n

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Anonymous asked: I just got all kinds of confused. So are Sweetheart and L together together? And did Cupcake and Lemmy move back in?

No and No. Sweetheart and L are not together, but L is helping her on the baby front. Cupcake and Lemmy are just at the house for delivery purposes because my game likes to eat babies… >.>

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