Anonymous said: Just realized budget and her friend are currently unable to join the ts4 fam. 1. No toddlers. 2. No robot costume. 3. no color changer thing. I has a sad. *anna voice* okay byeeeeeeee!

You’re right :( that makes me sad too

Anonymous said: I was wondering, what was the story behind Orange's story. It's just a really interesting sidestory to me, I was just wondering where it came from.

Ahh I’m not sure I want to tell you, it might ruin it. lol No Orange’s story all started when she rolled the Insane as a teenager. I wanted to bring it into the story somehow, but I wasn’t sure what I could do that might warrant someone going “crazy”. My hubby suggested watching someone die a horribly awful death. So i figured watching her best friend burn to death might do the trick. Then since her father was a fireman, I decided to throw him into mix because he was unable to save her. From there it all started to fall into place with Glaze and Saffron and like several times through the story it blossomed into it’s own thing.

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Anonymous said: I miss Bunny and Moony :(((

I’m sure they miss you too.

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Anonymous said: I really enjoyed Cherry Blossom's book and I'm so excited to read Apricot Bloom's. Do you have any idea when it might come out?

Ahhh!! Well as with the first book I am slow. I am currently working on it, but the process is long and do I not see any date set in stone. It’s still in the first draft and there is a ways to go. Thank you so much for reading! :)

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ensimique said: Wait are you saying you made the first ever berry sims?


Yes that would be me.


petalsim said: Berryyyy! First of all congrats! Secondly, seeing from the picture you posted, the book looks a little illustrated - do you know if it would be better to get the ebook or actual paper copy? Congratulations again!♥


Hi there lovely! It just has a cover illustration nothing inside. Ebook version wouldn’t be any different from the physical copy in that respect. :)

sugarssimblr said: Hey berry! I can't wait to read your book, the cover is beautiful! (So are you)


You are beautiful lovely. Thank you!

adventuresinpixels said: Berry I am so happy for you. I can't think of a lovelier person this could have happened for. It's quite crazy to think how fat things have come with Berry Sweets and the Splash of Color crew.... Like, from planning the whole of Sugar Valley on the sims 3 forums to Splash of Color being published as a book! It's amazing and i can't wait to read it! Congratulations lovely <3


It’s been such an amazing and exciting journey. Thank you sweetheart! So so much ♥

majesticplumbobs said: Hello darling! I just wanted to let you know that I just bought a copy of your book, and I'm soo fucking excited to read it. :D


Thank you sweetness! I can’t wait for you to read it. A lot of my blood sweat and tears went to it.

xchinadollyx said: Your sims are complete masterpieces! so beautiful ^_^<3 you are truly talented <3


Oh my glob asakjdshkjfkhskjshf thank you so much sweet person from my inbox. ♥