Anonymous asked: Is caramel a boy or girl

A boy

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Anonymous asked: How do you get your photo shoot pictures so perfectly cropped and re-sized for tumblr? I can't seem to get mine right. Also do you know anything about pictures showing up weird on mobile? (P.S. You inspired me to start a simblr and I'm working really hard to try and make it as good as yours :3)

Ah you know the honest truth. I don’t usually resize at all XD

My normal game play photos are 1600x896 and when I flip them horizontal I resize them to 1100x1964 I don’t know why it works but that’s what I do. I never got the hang of the two photo things. Mine never looks right.

Make sure you save your pics as PNG files they will be much clearer.

Thank you so much! Best of luck with your blog!

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Anonymous asked: Can you post a family tree of the Into the Future challenge you're working on? Returning (after a looooong while) reader here and I'd like to get caught up on major marriages and children. Sorry if this is tedious - if you don't want to do it I'll understand as I'm pretty sure you're on G3 now and that's a bit of a long while. If you can spare the time though, it would be much appreciated!! Thanks in advance :)

It’s right here dear~

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Anonymous asked: Hullo, Berry! Sorry to bother you, but would you ever consider becoming ~Internet friends~ with someone you follow (and who follows you) and have sortakinda talked with a tiny bit? Again, sorry for bothering you!

Of course! My inbox is always open! I’m available for a chat any time n.n Just send a fanmail my way!

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Anonymous asked: Yes yes it is;)

oh thank goodness lol ♥

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Anonymous asked: Wcif the dress your new sim has!:)?

Lol this is a joke right…

A note on where can I finds / wcif


I have debated this for a while but I am finally to the point where I’m no longer going to do them. My deepest apologies but they frustrate me to no end and I’m starting to get snippy with people and that just is not me. So I do hope you guys will understand this is for my well being and yours.

Thank you. ♥

Anonymous asked: One of the twins is going to be gay?!

Nope. A later spouse one of the twins kids.

Anonymous asked: I don't think anyone's asked this yet, I scrolled through a bit and didn't see it so, wcif moonlights eyes, nose blush, freckles, and hair? I know you get all your hair from plum bombs I was wondering if this is one of them?

Good lord lol..
Eyes I don’t remeber
Blush is lemonleaf
And yes the hair is plumb-bombs

Anonymous asked: Who's the new sim for? The one where you wanted the tats?

She’ll be a spouse later on :)